Who I am

Milan Vaško

Online entrepreneur, mentor, author of courses

I help people really LIVE their happy lives to achieve the impossible… It’s my passion, it’s the meaning of my life to be happy and make others happy. I am grateful to my mentor and I love online because it offers amazing opportunities.

My biggest school is life itself. He taught me not to give up. I have experienced amazing heights in my life, but also the bottom, successes and falls. Thanks to my mentor, I found my passion to help other people in online business and entrepreneurship. The freedom that work gives me is invaluable. I’ve always dreamed of traveling at my own discretion and not having to go to work every day. And that’s exactly what’s happening in my life right now.

Most importantly, I have found my passion or meaning in life, and that is to help other people. Inspiration and motivation is the most beautiful thing in my life. I am determined to teach my clients how to reach their full potential, maximize their lives and generate income from their dreams.

Milan Vaško - Online podnikateľ, mentor, autor kurzov

Milan Vaško

An ordinary guy

Before I started working in the online world, there were several turning points in my life. In the past, I was an arrogant businessman, money was everything to me. My life priority was to provide financial for my family. But… In 2013, an organized group robbed us of all our assets and I lost everything I had acquired in my entire professional life. I wanted to end my life because the family, the police, the state or the courts were not interested in resolving the situation, on the contrary, they were on the side of the thieves. You know how it works in Slovakia. I didn’t give up and the day came when I decided to be my personal mentor. Since I had invested a lot of money and tried almost everything for a new start and I didn’t have the money I needed to pay my mentor, I sold the car and borrowed the money. I started from scratch (brigade one, the other, a cat in a company on a project that didn’t work then, and by midnight I had to chase a webinar with a mentor).

Despite several obstacles in my life, I decided to do what my passion is. This risk has changed everything in my life. Today, I help people by teaching them how to create a profitable business thanks to FIGLY and the use of an online system.

Don’t trust anyone who tells you it’s not possible. Yes, you just have to start and if you want to know how, contact me and I will be happy to help you. Remember, if you really want it, you can do it, so #poddotoho and don’t wait.

Milan Vaško - Obyčajný chalan


Personal mentoring

It is for you if you are looking for meaning, happiness or passion in your life. For you, if you want to change your current situation and start living your life. It is not a theory or a lesson, but a concrete solution and search for what you need. I will show you how I did it myself and how you too can start living tomorrow and not living your life. Firstly in terms of business and entrepreneurship, but also personal. So that you can also enjoy your work success in a long-term sustainable way.

Online education

Are you interested in online business and how you can use Social Networks for that?

Educate yourself at home, from the comfort of your own home at your own pace.

In my courses you will receive detailed instructions on how to start an online business on the Internet. In my courses, the latest tips on software, tools and news await you, as well as regular updates and bonuses throughout the year.

Workshops and seminars

Workshops and seminars
You can also look forward to workshops and seminars, where you can learn live and set up what you need in your business and how to use social networks to the full so that they generate passive income for you.




Patrícia Hodálová

Cabin Crew Mentor & VVIP Cabin Crew

For me, Milan Vaško is the TOP online expert in Slovakia and the Czech Republic. Thanks to his mentoring, I have built a successful online business that allows me to help other people fulfill their dreams.

Michaela Krnáčová

For me, Milan is not just an online mentor, but above all an excellent person and friend. His mentoring is not just about watching a few videos but you get his own personal approach from him, which is at least a huge added value for me. He will always be happy to help you. Therefore, if you have your project, product service and you want to really get it up and earn money, I highly recommend online mentoring with Milan to everyone.